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NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday slammed the Centre for saying ‘no record’ of farmers’ deaths during farm laws agitation, and said that the Punjab government has identified 403 people.
Addressing a press briefing, Rahul demanded compensation for the farmers and accused the Centre of “lying”.
“The Prime Minister himself has said that he has made a mistake, he has apologised to the nation. As a result of that mistake, 700 people have died. Now you are lying about their names. Why don’t you have the decency to give them what is their due?,” Rahul said.
“We have 403 people who the government of Punjab has compensated Rs 5 Lakhs each and has given jobs to 152. We also have a list of 100 names from other states and a 3rd list which is public info of names that can easily be verified. But the government says that such a list does not exist,” he added.
Questioning the government’s “intentions”, the former Congress chief said, “I don’t think Modi government will accept farmers’ demands beyond the repeal of farm laws.”

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