Prahlad Kakkar: Those in power will not pick on Kangana Ranaut; they will pick on Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan – Exclusive! – Times of India


Ad film guru and producer Prahlad Kakkar has shot dozens of advertisements and commercials with lots of Bollywood stars, including Shah Rukh Khan. In a conversation with ETimes, we ask him about the ongoing Aryan Khan case, where he has been arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) for alleged involvement in a drugs raid. Speaking about it, Prahlad exclaims, “Aryan is a 23-year-old adult. He’s not some underage boy. If you have a problem with Aryan then you have a problem with him. If you have a problem with his father, then you should have a problem with everybody’s father. Why are people only talking about Aryan’s father? There have been dozens of arrests in the case, but why is only Aryan’s father in the news?”

We ask Prahlad why he feels that Aryan is being targeted, and he says, “He is being targeted because he is Shah Rukh Khan’s son, why else? There is no proof that he was carrying anything with him. They are looking at his phone, at one-year-old old messages, when he was in England and trying to tell people that he is involved in an international drug cartel. What rubbish!”

There’s a growing notion amongst fans that Bollywood took its time to come out in support of SRK and Aryan. And even though a few from Bollywood have spoken, the number should have been a lot more. Prahlad is stern as he says, “The film industry never speaks out. Why should they change? They are very selfish people. They only protect themselves; they don’t know if it is a central government agenda to go after Shah Rukh, because of his association with the Congress. Everyone wants to follow the government today, even the press. Even sections of media don’t write anything against the government.”

Prahlad also sheds light on the topic of Bollywood and SRK being soft targets. SRK was targeted by Shiv Sena in the past, during ‘My Name Is Khan’ release as well as the IPL controversy. To this Prahlad adds, “Now the Shiv Sena belongs to the Congress and Sharad Pawar and they will look the other way. In politics, everybody flip flops all the time. But why is everyone so scared about talking? Why doesn’t anyone have a spine?”

Critical in his assessment of Bollywood, he adds, “Bollywood will stand up and start speaking when its people get picked off one by one. Those in power know that if they pick people one by one, then nobody is going to come together. They are not taking Bollywood on all at once. They will pick depending on who is for or against them. It’s as simple as that.” He further goes on to say, “They will not pick on Kangana, they will pick on Shah Rukh and Hrithik.”

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