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The trailer of ‘Honsla Rakh’ came out only a couple of hours ago, and even before it was about to premier Shehnaaz Gill’s fans started rooting for the actress. And now, after getting a glimpse of how their loved Sana is going to look like, what her character sketch will be like, the fans have been simply can’t control their excitement. They have been taking to Twitter to shower their love and heaps of compliments for Shehnaaz Gill.

This goes without saying that they did love the trailer of the movie, but what got them hooked in the first place was, is, and will always be Shehnaaz Gill. We simply can’t blame them to be loyal and for showing their fandom.

Here are some of the sweetest tweets that surfaced for Shehnaaz Gill after the trailer release of ‘Honsla Rakh’:

They simply fell for her look

They wished her all the happiness and success

They see caliber in her as an actor

They are proud of her

And the list of tweets goes on! Here are some more tweets:

Honsla Rakh’s trailer shows us Diljit Dosanjh, an adorable and desi single parent with a 7-year-old kid trying his hand in finding love all over again. He does meet a cute girl, Sonam Bajwa, and just when the chemistry starts to brew in his ex-wife Shehnaaz Gill makes her way back to his life!

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