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Rishi Kapoor’s friends and family members celebrated his 69th birthday at writer-director Rumy Jafry‘s residence on September 4. Rumy who has been Rishi Kapoor’s friend for 30 years made sure nobody missed him on his birthday and got a life-size cut-out made for the celebrations.

Rumy says, “We had planned to celebrate his birthday with friends at my residence and the idea was to celebrate his life and share all kisse kahani (anecdotes and memories) of Rishi Kapoor with each other. But the idea of having a cut-out of Chintuji was mine and it turned out to be a surprise for everyone who came. Once the guests entered the house, they exchanged greetings and then as they walked into the living room they were welcomed by Rishiji’s cut-out.”

Speaking about how Neetu Kapoor reacted to the life-size cut-out Rumy says, “She got emotional and had a smile. Even Dabbooji was touched by this gesture. It brought a smile on everybody’s face.”

Rumy’s wife made sure the food that was served at the party was Rishi Kapoor’s favourite. Rumy reveals, “Even the cake that she ordered had a custom design of Paaya, which was his favourite and he loved the one cooked by my wife. The cake also had designed elements of a guitar and many other things that were his favourites.”


Recalling his friendship of 30 years with Rishi Kapoor he says, “I was just 19 years old when I came to Bombay to become a writer. People made fun of me and asked me to gain experience from life before I could start writing for films. I had some friends whose films were going on floor and one of them was Deepak Anand who had ‘Srimaan Aashiq’ with Rishi Kapoor. Kamlesh Pandey was the writer and he was very busy then so he gave me a chance to write the dialogue of the film. I travelled to Ooty with Rishi Kapoor and got time to spend with him discussing ideas, poetry and stories and he got really impressed with me. Later, I got calls from some friends from the industry and they told me that Rishiji had praised me in an interview he gave around the release of his film ‘Deewana’.”

Rumy informs that Rishi Kapoor had once compared him to the legendary Khwaja Ahmed Abbas. He says, “Chintuji was always in search of good writers and directors. He had recommended me and Raj Kumar Santoshi on many occasions for new projects. He had also once commented, ‘Rumy reminds me of Khwaja Ahmed Abbas’. After that, all those people in the industry joh mujhe bachcha samajhte thhe (those who thought I was a kid), they started taking me seriously. I got calls from Yash Chopra, Ramesh Sippy and many more. There was no looking back for from there.”

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