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Ram Gopal Varma has been facing flak for the past few days for a controversial dance video that is being widely viewed on social media. The filmmaker is snapped dancing with Inaya Sultana on a song from his movie ‘Rangeela’ and netizens slammed RGV for his inappropriate dance moves. Previously, the filmmaker had jokingly denied his presence in the clip and shared on Twitter, “I once again want to clarify that the guy in this video is not me and the Girl in Red is not @inaya_sultana and I swear this on American President JOE BIDEN.”

In a second post, Ram Gopal Varma had shared a selfie with Inaya Sultana and tagged an unverified account of the actress. He had captioned the post, “With the beautiful @inaya_sultana my dancing partner in the viral video.” And now, a second video has surfaced on Inaya Sultana’s Twitter account, giving another perspective of the same dance sequence. Confirming RGV’s presence in the video, the post has been captioned, “I officially share this video of mine and @RGVzoomin (Ram Gopal Varma)” The unverified account of Inaya Sultana had also shared a picture from the party, which was hosted on the occasion of her birthday.

Ram Gopal Varma is known for directing Bollywood hits like ‘Rangeela’, ‘Satya’ and ‘Company’. Recently he had revealed the inspiration behind his blockbuster Rangeela and shared that his first love in college inspired him to write the story of Rangeela. “I felt she dint care about me because of another rich handsome guy and that’s how I wrote Rangeela story,” the filmmaker had shared while speaking about his one-sided love story.

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