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AHMEDABAD: Beggars can’t be choosers. And, when the drug mafia in Ahmedabad decide to conduct trials for their new synthetic drugs, this saying turns quite literal. An on-ground probe by has revealed that the drug mafia are targeting beggars to try their narcotic pills and powders to check its effect and efficacy.
If the drug ‘trial’ succeeds, then it is introduced to other people through the black market for drugs. The mafia usually pick up beggars and homeless people from walled city areas as well as railway stations and bus terminuses. In many cases, the drugs put the beggars in a life-threatening situation.
Salim Mohammed’s home is the footpath outside Kalupur railway station. The 38-year-old begs for a living. His vice is smoking ganja but when another beggar who lives on the same footpath recently offered him a new drug, he decided to give it a try. Within minutes though, he began vomiting and bleeding from the nose.
Mahesh Dantani, who lives on the footpath in Khamasa, was given some powder-like stuff to snort. The 25-year-old earns his livelihood by working as a labourer. When he doesn’t have a job, he turns to begging. Some days ago, someone gave him a new drug which turned him violent. He banged his hands repeatedly on a wall so hard that he fractured his limbs.
Similarly, Mehrunnisa Shaikh, 24, was given a tablet by two unidentified men who convinced her that it would save her from various diseases. “I consumed the tablet with water. The men then gave me some milk. After about 15 minutes, I began to feel giddy,” she said.
Raju Rohit, 24, and Rekha Kumari, 20, who live on the footpaths in Kalupur and Panjrapol areas respectively had similar experiences.
Rohit was given a tablet which he crushed and snorted. He lost consciousness for two-three days. Rekha, who can’t even speak her name properly, said some men constantly provided new drugs to her. “After taking them, I am unable to act, walk, or speak properly. When I do not get the drug, I slit my hand with blades,” Rekha said, showing a blade in her hand.
A crime branch officer said that they have come to know of such a modus operandi by drug mafia but are yet to file a complaint.

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