Alaya F on doing a music video: I thought it was important for people to see me again after ‘Jawaani Jaaneman’ – Times of India


Kabir Bedi’s granddaughter Alaya F, who made her Bollywood debut with the Saif Ali Khan-starrer ‘Jawaani Jaaneman’ last year, says that she did a music video recently as it was important for people to see her again. Soon after she made her debut in 2020, the country went under a lockdown in the wake of a coronavirus pandemic, and hence she couldn’t shoot for any of her projects.

Ask her if she is disheartened that fans haven’t been able to see her on the big screen or does she take this as a blessing in disguise since she now has the time to choose the right script, the actress says she gained a lot of wonderful things and that she would like to focus on that.

In an exclusive interaction with ETimes, Alaya shares, “I like to find the silver lining in things (smiles), but of course, it’s disheartening, you know, when you are one year old in this industry and the one year goes in a lockdown. But I really do believe that everything happens for a reason and there are many more wonderful things that I gained through this lockdown and I would like to focus on that more. I hope they get to see something super soon. There is a bunch of the shooting left, so I am excited to see then see me do something more… which is the main reason why I decide to a music video. I thought it was important for people to see me again.”

Speaking further about her first music video, titled ‘Aaj Sajeya’, that released recently, the star kid adds, “I think that’s my favorite part in everything. You are never in control of how a final product turns out. Even though I loved how ‘Aaj Sajeya‘ turned out, and how ‘Jawani Janeman’ turned out, what I really look for is when people appreciate me in it. It’s because this is my job, this is what I am here to do. So, when people like the way I acted in something or was in something, I absolutely love it. It’s the best feeling. It’s validation for the work you are doing. I love reading the comments and I love that the comments are so positive. It gives me a lot of confidence when what I do is appreciated. It’s a great feeling; the love and support keep driving me to do more. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

Spilling the beans on her upcoming projects, Alaya concludes, “I really wish I could give updates but it’s unfortunately not in my hands. Hopefully, there should be an announcement soon”.

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