Exclusive interview! Taapsee Pannu: I would love a spin-off of my ‘Mulk’ character Aarti Mohammed – Times of India


Taapsee Pannu-starrer ‘Naam Shabana’ recently completed four years of release. With the film, her character ‘Shabana’ from ‘Baby’ became the first-ever character in Bollywood to get a spin-off. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, the actress revealed which other characters of the many she has played so far, would she love a spin-off of, being part of female-oriented films, and more. Excerpts:

Speaking about spin-offs of her previous characters, Taapsee says, “The films that I have been a part of in Bollywood have very well fleshed out female characters. Most of them tell the stories from a female point of view. I never felt that they need a separate film to tell their story. But if at all I had to choose, I will pick my character in ‘Mulk’, Aarti Mohammed. I would love the audience to know more about her.”

Elaborating further, she adds, “That again is a very powerful character. What she did for her family was very commendable. It was intriguing for me when I was reading the script. I was amused by her strength. The story of the film is being told from an outsider’s point of view and not from the point of view of any character in the film. So it would be interesting to see the spin-off of Aarti Mohammed.”

Talking about being a part of films based on a heroine alone, Taapsee avers, “I think we have a lot of films like that now. At least I, for one, can’t complain about not getting films that are driven by women. I get spoilt in terms of choice, so, I always overbook my calendar.”

Hinting at what’s in store, she reveals, “I have got tons of action films to do after that. I just wanted to make sure I raise the bar with the next film. It should be something that takes me higher than what ‘Naam Shabana’ made me do. Only then it is worth taking otherwise there is no point”.

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