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MALAPPURAM: In a sharp attack on Central government, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday termed that the government’s intent to privatise the Railways as a “threat” to millions of poor people who travel in trains.
“Railways are a fundamental part of our country. Railways do not belong to one person, they belong to the whole country. It allows millions of people to travel cheaply…I noticed in the last Budget that the government is intent on privatising this Indian asset,” Rahul Gandhi said while addressing a gathering in Malappuram.
“This is a threat to millions of poor people who travel using our Railways. It is also going to create a problem for millions of employees who work for the Railways,” the Congress MP added.
The Wayanad MP interacted with two children in Malappuram and said: “They are the country’s future. One wants to be a doctor, the other a Policewoman. She said she wants to be a Policewoman as she wants to protect the weak and poor. She did not say she wants to take what belongs to poor.”
Earlier in the day, the Congress leader said the three new farm laws passed by the Centre are “designed to destroy” the agriculture business.
Addressing an event in Wayanad, he said: “The entire world can see the difficulty faced by Indian farmers, but the government in Delhi is unable to understand the pain of the farmers. We have pop stars who are commenting on the situation of the farmers but the Indian government is not interested. They are not going to take back these three new laws unless they are forced and there is a reason for it.”
The reason is that these three new laws are designed to destroy the agricultural system in India and give the entire business to two or three of Narendra Modi’s friends,” he added.

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